Street Shaker was the company chosen to provide Consultancy for Sum + Things. This project aimed at the total restructuring and improvement of the entire restaurant and bar operational service, to improve its results and attract new customers. For 3 weeks, intensive training was provided to all staff where customer service techniques were practiced, we encouraged teamwork by establishing the ideal synergy between the different departments, to improve their communication and performance.

Regarding the bar, we developed an identity and concept, which until then was non-existent. We created a new and sophisticated menu, where 10 trendy mocktails were introduced with a focus on sustainability, using homemade, local ingredients and minimizing waste. We developed specification sheets and checklists to obtain consistency and reduce costs, helping not only Sum+Things but also the planet.

To conclude, still regarding our performance in the bar area, it is important to mention that we covered all the flaws and important aspects, such as: Bar control, Menu Engineering, Beverage cost, etc. After this work was developed, we trained the bar team and developed a Bar Bible, to automate all the procedures implemented.

We believe that after this intervention, we have considerably increased the experience of Sum+Things customers.

For Street Shaker, it was a great pleasure to be part of this incredible project and we are always very grateful to make a difference through professionalism and help businesses grow more and more.